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TeamViewer is computer software which enables user desktop sharing and remote access between two or more personal computers. These features allow users to share their access to their computer’s files, applications, and settings to permitted guests. While the most obvious use for this kind of functionality is remote technical assistance, TeamViewer can take you as far as your imagination will allow. For example, professionals can use it to access their office computers while out of town or at home. Best of all, TeamViewer can do all of this without requiring you to set up complicated IP address configurations or a firewall work-around.

Once you have installed TeamViewer you can easily connect to any other system which has TeamViewer installed so long as you have the other user’s permission. With permission granted, one user gains full access to all of the applications and files on the other user’s system, as well as a full screen view.

Because TeamViewer is simple and easy to use, both those with high technical proficiency and amateurs can get the most out of this program. This program is so light and efficient that its performance hinges almost exclusively on the internet connection of users rather than the power of their systems. And even for lower end internet connections with heavily restricted bandwidth, TeamViewer offers users impressive responsiveness.

While there is a free version of the program available for users who are not using the product commercially, a lifetime license for commercial users starting at $749. This price tag may seem hefty at first, but because most remote access software alternatives demand monthly subscriptions, TeamViewer will be a far more affordable option in the long term for most users. In short, TeamViewer is fantastic software that offers the perfect combination of value, ease of use, and power.

TeamViewer is a desktop sharing application that allows you to share your desktop with anyone with a remote internet connection. It can also be used on a local network without the need for an internet connection. TeamViewer is designed for business use as well as personal use, and is great for live software demonstrations and sharing of files and installed applications. TeamViewer is an easy way to chat using video streaming and live messaging. There is no limit on file size during file transfers, which sets this program apart from others in its class. TeamViewer is often used in computer repair, and eliminates the need for home visits by repair technicians.


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